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Australasian Neuroscience Nurses' Association

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Research Resources

This section contains invaluable resources for those wanting to develop their clinical nursing research. Learn or improve websearching techniques, find evidence based practice, utilise neuro specific search engines or track down that elusive image, sound, or text from one of the largest providers of information on the web – the National Library of Medicine.

Research Review
Research Review publications bring the best of 10,000 global medical journals to your inbox every issue with commentary from Australian experts. Over 40 areas including Neurology. Includes specialist opinions on guidelines, medicines and conferences. All Research Review publications are free to receive. Subscribe at

Educational Series on Parkinson’s Disease
This educational review provides guidance on diagnosis, treatment of motor and non-motor symptoms, and guiding commentary from Dr Andrew Evans, Director of the Movement Disorder Service, Department of Neurology, the Royal Melbourne Hospital and neurologist with the Melbourne Neuropsychiatric Centre.

The DANA alliance for Brain Initiatives
Put together by neuroscientists the aim is to disseminate neuroscientific news to the public. Skim the news pages and keep up to date with the latest from newspapers around the world.


National Library of Medicine

Neurosciences on the Internet – Medical Journals

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World Federation of Neuroscience Nurses & Events

The Australasian Neuroscience Nurses Association is a member of the World Federation of Neuroscience Nurses.

ANNA Mentorship Program

The ANNA Mentorship Program provides neuroscience nurses with the opportunity for mentoring in clinical, research, and clinical educator pathways, as well as advice regarding career development.