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Session Moderator Guidelines

Responsibilities of Session Moderators 

  • Ensuring the session runs to the scheduled time
  • Introducing the speakers during the session
  • Chairing questions & discussion following each presentation
  • Making announcements advised by the Committee.

Duties of Session Moderators

Each moderator will be given relevant details on session speakers to facilitate introducing the speakers.

  • Following the introduction, the moderator times the presentation and indicates to the speaker(s) if they are exceeding their allotted time.
  • It is the speakers’ responsibility to be familiar with the audio-visual equipment, however, moderators should ensure they are able to operate the equipment in case any of the speakers experience difficulty
  • If, at the scheduled time, the speaker has not finished, the bell should be rung and the speaker asked to indicate how much longer they require.
  • At the moderator’s discretion, extra time to complete the presentation may be allowed. In allowing additional time, the moderator should consider:
    • the number of papers presentations remaining
    • whether questions will be allowed
    • whether other speakers within that session have been, or will be, given the same consideration.
  • At the end of each presentation, the moderator chairs questions from the audience.
  • As far as possible, moderators will be allocated to sessions related to their area of interest/expertise. Therefore, the moderator should be able to formulate questions on the session, the moderator should advise the audience when the next session will commence.

Interested in becoming a session moderator??? Email the Executive Committee: conferenceconvenor@anna.asn.au

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