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Role of Branch Delegates & Branches

The Australasian Neuroscience Nurses Association is organised into branches for administration of regional activities.

Branch means an organised group of elected representatives responsible for the administration of regional activities. Each branch is administered by a Branch Delegate, with the addition of a Branch Secretary and Treasurer depending upon the size and requirements of each particular branch. It incorporates states, territories and islands.

Membership of a specific branch is determined solely on the place of residence and employment being within that State. The Association also has members who do not fall within a branch, but remain under the jurisdiction of the Executive Committee.

Specialist Chapters such as Movement Disorders are also available.

The functions of a Branch Delegate or Committee include:

  • Maintenance of a membership database as provided by the Australasian Executive Committee;
  • Organisation of educational activities, such as seminars, work shops and study days for the branch;
  • Organisation of fund raising activities for the branch;
  • Liaising with the Executive Committee and members of that branch on matters pertaining to the branch;
  • Maintaining records that are appropriate to the administration of the branch;
  • Organising a General Meeting of the branch on an annual basis in accordance with the rules set down in the Constitution;
  • Circulate relevant documents and receive feedback on any matters concerning the Branch;
  • Provide fiscal management;
  • Implement the actions of the Branch Annual General Meetings;
  • Responsible for acting on the members behalf on matters pertaining to the association in a timely manner;
  • Respond in a timely fashion to the communication or directive of the Executive Committee.


Sandra Graham


Caroline Woon
(021) 058 0488

Shiji Perumanil Mani
0431 252 384


Christine Holland
0419 584 929

Debbie Wilkinson
0405 128 402

Movement Disorder Chapter
David Tsui
0400 543 329

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