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Barbara Lester Scholarship Fund

Closing date : 31st May annually


To provide opportunity for an ANNA member who is presenting a verbal paper or poster or who is facilitating a workshop/breakout session at an international, national or local conference to receive financial assistance.


  • To promote professional development in the field of Neuroscience within Australasia.
  • To maintain availability of a scholarship from the ANNA on a yearly basis (that provides equal opportunity) for ANNA members presenting at conference.
  • To assist with funding to attend the conference where the presentation will be delivered.

Eligibilty Criteria

  • Available to full financial members.
  • A minimum of 24 months of continuous period of membership is required.
  • Priority accorded to members working within an environment where neuroscience patients receive care/management.
  • Nurses must have current registration in their state/territory/country.
  • The conference presentation or workshop/breakout session must have relevance to the neuroscience specialty.
    NB: All attempts to ensure fair distribution of the scholarship fund will occur.

 Funding Available/Financial Policy

  • Up to $3000 is available to fund a scholarship on an annual basis for one successful applicant.
  • The ANNA Executive will convene for scholarship review annually in the month of June. Therefore a fully completed application must be received by the last working day of May.
    NB: Applications received after this date and/or incomplete applications will not be considered.
  • Funding available will be reviewed on a regular basis.
  • Applicants are not to depend on the scholarship in their decision to apply for conference. The successful applicant will be paid retrospectively on receipt of tax invoices or payment receipts.
  • No payment will be considered for salary replacement purposes.


  • Required documents
    – One (1) completed application form
    – Curriculum vitae demonstrating a commitment to the Neuroscience specialty.
    – Nurse must supply a copy of their annual registration notice/payment.
  • All applicants will be notified in writing by the ANNA Executive as to the outcome of their application.
  • The address for correspondence should preferably be a home address (not workplace).
  • Applications must be received by the last working day in May of that year.
  • Applications are to be sent to:
    Australasian Neuroscience Nurses’ Association
    PO Box 546 East Melbourne VIC Australia 3002
    Phone: (03) 9895 4461 Fax:     (03) 9898 0249 Email:


  • Payment to the successful applicant will be forwarded to the address for correspondence as per the application form and in the name of the applicant only.
    NB: No payments will be made to hospitals or Area Health Services
  • Payment will occur retrospectively and will only be processed on receipt of tax invoices or payment receipts.

Post Scholarship Requirement

  • The successful applicant is required to provide a written report (250-500 word) after presentation and attendance at the conference.
  • The report is to be submitted to the ANNA Executive within six (6) weeks of return from the conference and will be published in the next issue of BRAINSTEM.
  • The report should include the objectives met from attending the conference, benefits from attending and how the information gained from the conference will be shared with colleagues.
  • Successful applicants presenting an oral paper must submit their written paper to be published in the Australasian Journal of Neuroscience. The successful applicants name will be forwarded to the Journal Editor for follow-up.

NB: Failure to complete the post scholarship requirements will result in exclusion of the individual to apply for future scholarship funding.

Download Application Review Criteria

Download Scholarship Application Form

(Adapted with permission from the Agency of Clinical Innovation Neurosurgical Nursing Professional development Scholarship Committee. Revised February 2011)

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